Solo show at the Artist's Residence Gallery, Brighton

New work exhibited at the Artist's Residence Gallery, Brighton

The Artists Residence gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Brighton painter Sarah Shaw. The work hovers in a place between figuration and abstraction which allows the viewer the space to impose their own interpretation. Time collapses as past, present and future are represented in oil paintings that obey a non-linear chronology: they stand simultaneously as a visualising of the past and as a perception of the present. Some of the works imagery springs from the artist’s imagination, whilst other work explores metaphorical or symbolic images/barriers/passages to speak of some of the conditions of being human and also of the concept of living through time.

Characteristic of Shaw’s work the process revolves around the building up and stripping down of imagery, and the exploration of different painterly languages, eventually being reduced down to the lowest denominator where an edgy quietness falls. They are not whole images, but snatches of images, sounds and thoughts, forming into coherence briefly …like a painterly slideshow of memory. Ultimately the paintings speak of a belief in the enduring vitality of painting as a primary form of visceral and visual communication.

Sarah studied at Falmouth College of Art. Her work has been purchased by private collectors in the UK and abroad, featured in many notable competitions, and was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Aesthetica Art Prize. She works from her studio in Hove.

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