'32' Painters Phoenix Gallery, Brighton

Selected group exhibition at the Phoenix Gallery, Brighton

This show celebrates the painting medium, presenting a diverse mix of artists with a plurality of themes and approaches. It will provoke questions surrounding contemporary painting practice – What are the current trends in painting? How does contemporary painting challenge traditional notions of beauty and expression? What continues to compel so many people to pick up the brush?
Work in the show will span genres from figurative to abstract, photorealist to gestural, and from staged compositions to ephemeral performances. Some artists combine several approaches within a single canvas, and all display a virtuosity with the medium.
Curated by painters Patrick O’Donnell and Nicholas Pace, the exhibition offers visitors a rare opportunity to view an ambitious painting show in Brighton and a chance to decide for themselves on the relevance of painting within contemporary art practice.

Artists include: Louise Bristow, Matthew Burrows, Shaun Caton, Chris Gilvan Cartwright, Keith Esdale, Stig Evans, June Frickleton, Andrew Gifford, David Harkins, Tom Hammick, Emily Jolley, Christopher Kettle, Sam Lock, Anne Magill, Enzo Marra, Karin Mori, Tamsin Morse, Patrick O’Donnell, Nicholas Pace, Alan Rankle, Tania Rutland, Sarah Shaw, Sonia Stanyard, Christopher Stevens, Christine Tongue, Joshua Uvieghara, Julian Vilarubbi, Richard Whadcock, Alice Wisden, Dawei Zhang



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